Graham Fulton Poetry From Scotland

Graham Fulton – Publications Index

Latest Publications:

Edible Transmitters
from Bibliotecha Universalis (Romania), 2015

from Penniless Press Publications, 2015

11 Poems About the First World War
from Controlled Explosion Press in 2014

Pub Dogs of Manchester
from Freight Books in 2015

Paragraphs at the End of the World
from Penniless Press Publications in 2016

Brian Wilson in Swansea Bus Station
from Red Squirrel Press in 2015

Photographing Ghosts
from Roncadora Press in 2014

Pub Dogs of London
from Freight Books in 2015

One Day in the Life of Jimmy Denisovich
from Smokestack Books in 2014


Future Publications:

Flesh and Stone
from Controlled Explosion Press in 2018

Equal Night
from Salmon Poetry in 2017


Works in Progress:

Angry at the Stars
Selected Poems 1990-2015

The Big Velodrome in the Sky
a full-length collection

Glitches of Mortality
a full-length collection

Twenty Three Telephones
photographs and poetry


Twenty Three Kitchens
photographs and poetry

The Paisley Civil War

An Angel Decomposing
photographs and poetry

Chips, Paracetamols, and Wine
a full-length collection


Past Publications: