Continue - Poetry From Graham Fulton Penniless Press Publications, 2015
107 pages, £7
ISBN 978-1-326-18276-2


It's a world of madness, but we have to keep going. We have to keep on taking whatever this life throws at us, and somehow arrive at the end happily intact. This collection, using new poems, and poems selected from two previously published pamphlets, stumbles and careers through a geography of absurdity and tenderness, defeat and hope, obsession and paranoia. A real breathing world populated with drunks, Daleks and devil dogs. Proust-loving football supporters and road rage maniacs. A pre-apocalyptic wasteland of glittering fragments that come together to make completely no sense. All we can do is Continue.

Time and again in this collection the poetry pulls the blinkers away from the mindset of where we think we live and shows us where we actually live. Funny, tender and exciting,Graham Fulton should be a household name'.

Jim Ferguson

It is never po-faced: it doesn’t preach, and Fulton never harangues his reader. These are poems worthy of our attention'.

Northwords Now

Graham Fulton Poetry From Scotland