Tower of Babble

Tower of Babble (with Jim Ferguson, Bobby Christie & Ronald McNeil)
Itinerant Publications, 1987
52 pages, £1.50
ISBN 0-9512440-0-0

The first Itinerant publication. A collaboration between four of the writers from Tom Leonard's Paisley writers' group.

"Reaffirms the vitality of the small publication … no slickness here, just men looking outside the wonders of their own experience to a world in need of creative interpretation … no amount of fine-toothed criticism will diminish the freshness and insight of Tower of Babble. Humility of purpose allows one scope beyond the self, and from this springs the seed of inspired poetry".

Cheryl Foster, The List

"Ability to raise a dry laugh from what would make grown men greit comes through all the greyness of the environment out of which this kind of poetry evolves".

James Robertson, Radical Scotland

Graham Fulton Poetry From Scotland