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The photographs featured in the gallery are taken from various past and future publications including Unsaved Messages, twenty three telephones, twenty three kitchens, as well as the Found Objects CD

Found Objects

Found Objects Photography Photos Controlled Explosion Press, 2008
CD of 225 photographs, £7
ISBN 978-0-9558996-1-4

Finding inspiration in the photographs of Keith Arnatt and David Lynch, but quickly establishing his own distinct visual 'voice', Found Objects is a collection on CD of 225 black and white and colour pictures taken in 2007 and 2008 exploring Fulton's continuing interest in amazing 'ordinary' things, what is beautiful and what is ugly, the transformation of an object through being photographed; the left-overs, the things we don’t give a second glance – dead birds, gloves, umbrellas, rubbish, broken glass, reflections, half-messages left in the dirt or stuck to the walls. Equally important to Fulton is the truth of the image created. All the pictures are taken with a simple automatic camera. No manipulation of the image involving filters, cutting, pasting or computer tinkering is used at any time.

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