Inner Circle

Inner Circle Controlled Explosion Press, 2008
20 pages, £4
ISBN 978-0-9558996-0-7

A sequence by Graham Fulton with his characteristic and uncompromisingly individual blend of full frontal realism, surreal humour, compassion and anger.

Inner Circle takes a journey on Glasgow's 'Clockwork Orange' underground with a poem for every station, beginning, and ending, at St. Enoch. He shines an exhilarating torch into a claustrophobic, familiar world, picking out his 'ordinary' fellow travellers … a pink punk fairy, a dying man, two lovers, a silent observer, people we'll never see again, reflections of ourselves in the window.

Fleeting and fragile, stark and tender, accessible, always in motion. This lean collection is a breathless, funny, disturbing ride. Inner Circle is available from: Word Power in Edinburgh.

The Pink at Partick

From Inner Circle

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on at Partick     a pink fairy shocking girl with pink
pink hair extremely pink with mad pink shoes
and decadent shiny satiny tights a coat close
to pink    a bag
with Cupcake on it     a bit
of a pretty pink rebel rebel with black black lashes
Angel's Delight slightly dangerous pink punk fairy
making our lives a little pinker at long
pink last pink fairy girl good for you ignore
the black pink dirty looks     off at Govan

Graham Fulton Poetry From Scotland