Something Good Will Always Happen

Something Good Will Always Happen Penniless Press Publications, 2018
123 pages, £6.99
ISBN 978-0-244-96088-9

2016 AND 2017. Years in which the world seemed to settle ever deeper into a spiral of collective craziness and waste. Years of casually barbaric war, desperate refugees, 'Breaking News' terror attacks, man-made tragedy, corporate indifference and the grotesque election of a vengeful, narcissistic, imbecile president by a supposedly intelligent nation. Dystopia becoming commonplace. These poems are a surgery of the human condition, an exploration of the helplessness and uneasiness of being alive in these machine-dependent times of selfishness and superficiality. Edgy, skeletal poems juxtaposed with poems of clear lyricism. Poems of universal turmoil and personal loss. An offering of rhythms and words trying to make themselves understood against a deafening backdrop of inevitability, foreboding for the future. Or, possibly, there really is nothing out there to fear, and something good will always happen.

Graham Fulton Poetry From Scotland