The Paisley Civil War

The Paisley Civil War Controlled Explosion Press, 2018
110 pages, £5
ISBN 978-0-9573474-8-9

The American Civil War was a momentous event in the 1860s that forever changed the character of the most powerful nation on Earth, and people from Paisley who had settled in the States played their part. War photographers, secret service bombers, blockade runners, commanders of regiments and railway Generals were all at the forefront of events; a remarkable roll-call for a Scottish town. This book brings together in one place the events and stories of the people from Paisley, some famous and some obscure, who planted their feet on American soil and made their mark in that bloody war. This is Graham Fulton's first non-poetry book to be published.

This is a fascinating read and Fulton's prose is clear and pacy. It is well researched history that skilfully combines global historical events with local history and particular individuals' narratives. A beautiful book'.

Jim Ferguson

Graham Fulton Poetry From Scotland