Brian Wilson in Swansea Bus Station

Brian Wilson in Swansea Bus Station Red Squirrel Press, 2015
100 pages, £8.99
ISBN 978-1-910437-09-4


Packed with Fulton's trademark energy, humanity, intense driving rhythms and hard humour, Brian Wilson in Swansea Bus Station carries us on a wild mystery tour, encountering many people and places, 'normality' and 'order' in all its guises. At the end of the day mortality is the great leveller, and fame and success are an illusion, whether it's an icon, a comedian, a pop star or a Nobel prizewinning writer. We have to keep on trying, even though we know we're all random particles happily travelling to dust on a bus.

Is he a prankster, this Graham Fulton fellow? Yes he is, but a Bertrand Russell prankster. He draws you in with his merry wit and slays you with two lines or less. He's gaining a wider readership and it's about time. God Only Knows we need his voice'.

Link: Sandra Hunter, author of Losing Touch

Fulton's poetry is accessible, poignant, warm and funny, throwing historical and modern icons in amongst the ordinary with surprising, surreal results. A true pop-cultural poet, crackling and fizzing with empathy'.

Alan Bissett

Fulton, like a Paisley flâneur, strolls into our imaginations, hitting the spot, time after time after time, with the language of life'.

Brian Whittingham

The Warrior Race on Bath Street

From Brian Wilson in Swansea Bus Station

first a girl on
boy s back
of their heads
laughing glass
smashing five or six
piling in
with fists boots charging
up the hill not seeing
the shoppers
against the walls of
banks lawyers bistros
the zenith
of civilisation
letting them
steam past booting
roaring throwing
each other to
the road stamping
one face
as it melts in the centre
the vortex
silent behind
their two-way mirror watching
a primal fury
take shape letting
them get on with it

Graham Fulton Poetry From Scotland