Coronaworld Penniless Press, 2020
261 pages, £12
ISBN 978-1-913144-19-7

Tragedy, comedy, fear and hope. Dystopia, claustrophobia, sacrifice and selfishness. Insanity, incompetence, walking and shopping. The world closing down; the world opening up. March - June 2020. Coronaworld is here to stay.

Stunning and witty.'

Jim Ferguson

A wonderful poet.'

Stephen Watt

Fulton is a true iconoclast and subversive, a writer unafraid of his well-placed moral outrage and willing to offend the sensibilities of the powerful, the rich, the corrupt and the dissembling. It will become a collector's item and, in all likelihood, the best book about Covid by some measure.'

Alan Dent, MQB

Graham Fulton Poetry From Scotland