Photographing Ghosts

Photographing Ghosts Roncadora Press, 2014
64 pages, £10
Special silver edition £12
ISBN 978-0-9571994-5-3

A frantic airport carousel ride of scattered slices of this mad planet to try to find some of the common denominators of humanity. From South Africa to Vietnam, Germany to Ukraine, Libya to Egypt, Ireland to Scotland and, of course, the USA with its unrelenting spectrum of extremes. People go on, with their individual hopes and fears, darknesses and lights, brilliance and stupidity. To make sense of the future you have to understand the past.


A breathtaking appreciation of both the past and the present. Graham Fulton’s poetic prolificness makes this collection all the more startling that it has taken him decades to complete, and a substantial number of air miles over those years. As a long-time admirer of Fulton’s work, the beauty and sincerity that has been applied to each poem in Photographing Ghosts makes this one of the finest collections Fulton has produced. The clarity which prevails in each publication continues to endear him to new and emerging writers across the country, and perhaps a few other countries after this one'.
Glasgow Review of Books

He works his material into another poignant sketch of the everyday set against the unusual, the unexpected. These poems achieve a unity which, nonetheless, requires and demands more than a flickerbook approach to the reading’.

Northwords Now

It is the dead who are bought and sold ... this collection may be the darkest of Fulton’s thus far. As place and cultural history are delivered through a tourist lens to become poetry, the perspective is brutally honest. The imagery falls like an assault on consciousness and there is no way over or round what has been witnessed or retraced. Nor should there be.'

Graham Fulton Poetry From Scotland