Paragraphs at the End of the World

Paragraphs at the End of the World Penniless Press Publications, 2016
145 pages, £7
ISBN 978-1-326-53275-8

A gathering of Paragraphs, detached retinas of life rising to the surface from out of the black blur of memory. Brief encounters with astronauts, bats, writers and baboons; random files from long gone decades spent walking the everyday mad streets of home and the dead ends of scattered nations, dissecting and recording and forgetting whatever it is that makes existence tick. The human equation. Absurdity, anxiety, hilarity, compassion, loss, violence, beauty. Spidery Einstein trails of clues and symbols forever stretching out for an answer. Always intangible, always brushing the fingertips of our minds for a moment then spinning away into the dark.


Expressionism prevails in Graham Fulton’s stunning sequence of prose-poems. Its Central Belt beat and the pace seems impossible to sustain but bloody hell, it never flags and the locations and visions are so varied that you feel none could be left out.'
Ian Stephen, Northwords Now

A meditation on mortality, memory and meaning ... weighty subject matter which somehow floats in the spaces of a consciousness adorned with an absurd joy in life’s small pleasures, which ameliorate the horrors and the terrors, and give resilience to our beating human hearts. Not a single word is wasted ... a wonderfully rewarding read.'
Jim Ferguson, Gutter

Graham Fulton Poetry From Scotland